Special Needs

Dr. Jones big motivator in adding Specials Needs to his practice is his brother, Austin. He understands the care that an individual needs, which most dentists are not accustomed to.

At Inspire Dental of SA, we cater to individuals with special needs. We have created an environment that is comfortable and familiar for them. It’s important that they are at ease with our staff and the office. We have developed and customized a refined process for treating our patients with Special Needs. All of our staff are fully trained in caring for a full spectrum of all special needs.

Our process is not only caring for the patient but also caring for the family. We understand the assistance the family needs when making a dental appointment. At Inspire Dental Care, we make this process smoother and seamless.

Our goal is to make our patients and their family feel at peace and at home. We aim for our patients to feel seen, heard, and leave feeling Inspired.



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